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My life got changed a couple of years ago when I started ageing. Ageing is like having yourself traumatised because you are completely changing and entering the new phase which is completely unbearable and unfortunately it is very depressing. And I entered this phase like very early. My skin started getting loose and I had eye bags due to a very hectic life. So all I wanted was to get rid off my skin and get it treated. I asked people around me and then a friend suggested me to try Dermaheal HSR for skin rejuvenation. Then I made a research on it and I read a couple of people experiences regarding which suggested it was good.

Dermaheal Hyaluronic Skin Rejuvenate are injections which makes you look younger. Now like everyone I had questions in my mind how does it work? Does it have side effects etc. So, I just read it on my own first. As the name suggests Dermaheal contains Hyaluronic which rejuvenates the skin. It reactivates the plumping of skin and provides collagen to the skin.

I again asked myself even if it provides collagen and Hyaluronic how will ie help me? Then I researched on what is collagen and what role it plays in revitalizing the skin. So, collagen was basically the substance that makes skin look younger. And with age increasing we start losing it. So, these injections instead of producing it provides collagen to the skin so that it reduces the impurities and make it look younger.

I decided I shall go for it and now I was looking for an authentic buyer. I bought it from meso product to minimize the risk and got an appointment form a professional. I was told that 1 session will be done per week until I want it. I was afraid it will hurt me but to my surprise it did not at all. It contained anesthesia which did not hurt at all. When I started getting sessions my skin started looking plumper, tighter and younger than before. Also, my eye bags got vanished with time.